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Welcome to Rev One Q&A

This is where our most commonly received questions are answered. Whether you are a client, contractor, or someone that's lost, you will find this helpful!

Rates & Pricing

What are your rates?
There are different ways we can agree to partner. We can bill on a project-to-project basis, we can work off of an allocated budget, we can work on retainer, or we can give you an hourly rate. The approach we take will be an agreement we reach that takes into consideration what is best for the client and the project at hand.
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Does the price quote include printing?
Unless you specifically ask to include printing in our quote, we only quote for our design work. If you’d like us to provide cost for printing, we can do that as well.
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After we pay for the job, will we own the artwork?
You will legally own the artwork once we have completed the project. Upon completion of the job, we will send you the native files. This is something that not all agencies do. However, as your partner, we will always be transparent and make sure you have access to files you paid for. In addition, we make sure to always keep a copy of all project files in our archives.
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What types of payment do you accept?
We typically have ACH payments set up with established clients. We also accept checks, personal checks, cash, and can take credit cards and PayPal with a 3.5% surcharge.
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How will I be billed if we work with both Rev One and Lahlouh?
Whatever works best for you! Rev One and Lahlouh can send separate invoices. One for print and one for design. Or we can bill both print and design through either Rev One or Lahlouh.
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Timeline & Revisions

I need something designed yesterday. Can you help me?
Unfortunately, we can’t turn back time. What we can do is work with tight turnaround times. Contact us as soon as you are able to, and we can work out a schedule that meets your needs and is realistic to complete.
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What are your turnaround times?
Each project is different. Depending on the type of project we are working on together, it can be as quick as 24-48 hours or a yearlong project with many deliverables. Prior to starting a project, we propose a timeline based on the client’s needs and proceed once we have agreed on a budget and timeline.
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How many revisions do I get?
Our typical project includes three rounds of revision. However, if specified otherwise in the scope of work, we can include however many rounds are needed, and the price will be adjusted accordingly.
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Files & Handoff

How do I know if the art file I have has outlined copy in the vector file?
Check if your file type is .AI, .INDD, .EPS, or .SVG. These are all files that support vector. If you then open it in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign and cannot edit the text, then it is outlined.
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I have this photo; can you make it bigger?
It depends on the image file itself. If it is high enough resolution, it can be enlarged depending on the project. If it is a low-resolution image, enlarging it can cause it to lose sharpness and become blurrier. We can assess your photo and let you know if we can increase the size without compromising the amount of PPI for its final use.
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What is/are the best file format(s) for a logo?
The short answer is either .AI or .EPS. However, it really depends on what you are using the logo for. Social media profile images, promotional materials, digital print, and website usage all use different files and/or file sizes for logos. Feel free to reach out to us if you have a specific question regarding logos.
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What if we don’t have a branding guideline?
We can refer to existing collateral of yours like brochures, website, signage, etc. to ensure we represent your brand appropriately, or you can take advantage of our Marketing Kit services to build branding guidelines from scratch.
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Can I use this image I found on the internet in my design?
Sometimes. We first need to make sure that the image is the appropriate size for the project, and we also want to make sure there are no royalties owed for the image. You will either need to own the image, or make sure that it is paid for to ensure that the image is legally obtained for use.
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How will I receive my design project once it is finished?
The way we distribute files depends on the size and level of security needed for your files. We can: send it via email, send a link to our Dropbox (or Box), send it via secure FTP, or put the files on a hard-drive or thumb drive and mail it to you. We always keep a copy of your projects on file in the event that updates are needed in the future or if you need us to resend you a copy.
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